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Numeracy in children's nursing

  • Author: Arija Parker
  • ISBN 13: 9780470658390
  • Publisher: John wiley & sons Ltd.
  • Date published: 2015
  • Page: 253 pages
  • Keyword: Mathematics; Pediatric Nursing; Drug Dosage Calculations; Toán học; Chăm sóc Nhi khoa; Hướng dẫn của Y tá; Thuốc
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Numeracy in Children s Nursing and Healthcare is a handy, practical book which highlights the importance of numbers, numeracy and calculations in children s nursing practice, instilling nursing students and qualified nurses with confidence and competence when working with numbers and calculating drug doses. This accessible guide covers all aspects of numeracy from basic skills through to complex drug administration, and provides case studies throughout enabling the reader to apply the theory to practice. Each chapter adopts the same accessible and easy-to-follow format, featuring learning outcomes, a case scenario, key numeracy information, hints and tips, activities and exercises, and a glossary of terms.