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Mastering Arabic through Literature: The Short Story: al-Rubaa Volume 1

·    Author:  Soliman, Iman A
·    ISBN 13: 978-9774165986
·    ISBN 10:  9774165985
·    Publisher: The American University in Cairo Press; 1 edition (April 25, 2014)
·    Date published: 2014
·    Page:     224 p.
·    Key Words: Arabic language English; Arabic language; Tiếng Ả Rập Sách giáo khoa cho người nước ngoài Tiếng Anh; Tiếng Ả Rập Đọc hiểu.
·    Local:             04041001112                492.786 SOL(1) 2014
·    Phòng DVTT Ngoại ngữ - Kho tham khảo

    In an innovative concept in the teaching of Modern Standard Arabic, this new content-based book aims to bolster study for advanced students in both linguistic skills and literary appreciation through the reading of short stories in the original Arabic by four great but very different writers: Mahmoud Taher Lashin, Naguib Mahfouz, Yusuf Idris, and Tayeb Salih. Creative reading tasks and exercises focus on the writing and literary styles of the four writers, while grammar is reinforced through text analysis and writing assignments, with an emphasis on building vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, as well as developing a deeper understanding of cultural issues. With an integrated skills approach, al-Rubaa contains not only reading but also writing, listening, and speaking activities. 
    The stories included in the book are:

  • "From the Diaries of Noah," "That's Right" (Mahmoud Taher Lashin)
  • Stories 26 and 29 from Tales of Our Alley, Dream 6 from Dreams of Convalescence ( Naguib Mahfouz)
  • "House of Flesh," "In Passing" (Yusuf Idris)
  • "A Song of Love," "A Step Forward," "Yours until Death" (Tayeb Salih)