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Introduction To Health Behavior Theory

Introduction to Health Behavior Theory, Second Edition is designed to provide students with an easy to understand, interesting, and engaging introduction to the theoretical basis of health education. Written with the undergraduate in mind, the text uses comprehensive and accessible explanations to help students understand what theory is, how theories are developed, and what factors influence health behavior theory. Covering the more frequently used health behavior theories, the author breaks each theory into concepts and constructs to enhance comprehension and encourage students to discover how these theories can be put into practice. New to the Second Edition: • Data, information, and illustrations updated throughout, including the new “My Plate” • A new Theory in Action article and new classroom activities in each theory chapter • New and revised chapters on Social Ecological Models and Social Capital Theory

  • Author: Joanna Aboyoun Hayden
  • ISBN 13: 9781449689742
  • Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • Place: Burlington, MA
  • Date published: 2014
  • Local:   00041001819      613 HAY 2014      Phòng DVTT Tổng hợp - Kho tham khảo