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Current Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2017 / Joseph S. Esherick, Evan D. Slater, Jacob A. David.

·    Author:  Esherick, Joseph S
·    ISBN 13: 9781259921605
·    ISBN 10: 1259921603
·    Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill , 2017
·    Date published: 2017
·    Page:     593 p.
·    Key Words: Electronic books; Y học; Chăm sóc y tế; Phòng bệnh; Kiểm soát dịch bệnh.
·    Local:     00041002141                616 ESH 2017        
·    Phòng DVTT Tổng hợp - Kho tham khảo

     Current Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2017 has been reformatted into an easy-to-use outline to provide you with quick access to screening, prevention, and treatment guidelines for the common outpatient conditions. Content is drawn from a wide array of recommendations from government agencies, expert panels, medical specialty organizations, and other professional and scientific organizations. Each topic is carefully selected for relevance to the office practice of ambulatory medicine, and the text overflows with clinical pearls, easy-to-apply take home points, and guideline-based algorithms designed to simplify clinical decision-making.